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Todayland is not like other newsletters. It is not a link roundup. It is not a list of “life hacks”. It is not our hot take on current issues. Todayland is a publication where we explore what makes a good life: ranging from the practical to the curious to the esoteric.

We are interested in what makes us feel alive today. How do we cultivate a strong body, a spacious mind, and a vital spirit? How do we tune out the noise and spend our days on what really matters? These are the questions that get us excited.

If you are a curious human who is interested in tuning into the deep rhythms of today and tapping into your vitality, then we invite you to explore Todayland.


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A great life is built from great todays.

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In a given issue of Todayland you might find a scientifically-backed post about how to utilize stress to improve your performance, a rundown of the best and safest sunscreens, an 18-minute full body workout that you can do at home, a trick we learned to lower your medical bills, a reflection on depression and people-pleasing, an opinion piece on why Colorado’s mountain towns are so lovely, a new perspective on bisexuality, and a whole lot more.

We are interested in lots of things, and so are our readers. If you’re a curious human, we think you’ll like it in Todayland.

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