One important lesson I’ve learned as an adult

We went backpacking in Grand Staircase Escalante this past weekend. While cooking our dinner at the bottom of a canyon, the conversation turned to some of the lessons we’ve learned as adults. A response came to me quickly…

On Mud and Life

Our life is defined less by what we do or where we go than it is by where we give our attention.

Life of Work with Coach Mikel Blount

Mikel Blount is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and the founder/owner of Make You Wanna, an online fitness platform where she leads live and pre-recorded to students around the world.

Mikel is also the lead designer and coach of Sustainable Strength – our brand new, 8-week, energizing at-home strength training program designed to build functional strength for life. Enrollment for Sustainable Strength is currently open through January 1st.

In this conversation, we talk to Mikel about common misconceptions about strength training (especially among women), the qualities of a good coach, the music she is currently loving, and more.

Enjoy! Comment below if you have any questions for Coach Mikel.

Announcing our new course: Sustainable Strength

Hey everyone –

After over 6 months of development — it’s finally here.

We’re thrilled to announce that our course on how to build functional strength to live a better, healthier life is now open.

Introducing: Sustainable Strength.

How to set yourself up for retirement by age 22

Here’s an idea: What if it were more standard for young adults to take a gap year after high school to work, gain real-world experience, and save a lot of money?

There are at least three reasons that this would be an extremely high-leverage decision:

(1) Your living expenses are never lower than when you are young and single, have cheap taste, and (possibly) live with your parents, or can at least live in a shared house with multiple roommates. That means you can save a lot of money.

(2) You will never have a longer time horizon to invest your money and let compound growth work its magic.

(3) A year of real-world experience after high school would allow young people to make more informed decisions about whether the college path (and the associated costs, etc) is right for them, or if they’d rather join the workforce, start their own business, travel, etc. If they do decide college is right for them, they would have more self-knowledge to help them decide where to go and what to study.

The question is, would that plan really make that big of a difference in people’s lives? Let’s find out.


25 Kitchen Tips, Tricks, and Tools That We Love

With so many of us spending a lot more time cooking in 2020 than before, we thought it would be a good time to share an updated and revised version of our “Kitchen Tips” list. Enjoy!

Election Survey Results from the TWT Community

Thank you to everyone who completed our post-election survey! It was really fun and enlightening to read through all of the results. (We see that some of you have already taken advantage of the bonus at the end!)

Here is a summary of the key results…

19 Ingredients of Great Cities

The greatest, most enjoyable cities are built for people, not for cars.

Here are 19 of the key ingredients that promote human-friendly, enjoyable cities…

Life Of Work With Freeland Spirits Founder Jill Kuehler

Jill Kuehler is the Founder of Freeland Spirits – a female-founded, owned, and operated craft distillery in Portland, Oregon.

Prior to launching Freeland, Jill ran Zenger Farm for seven years, where 10,000 students learn where good food comes from each year.

Jill was named one of Portland’s 50 most influential people by Portland Monthly Magazine.

Today we talk to Jill about her transition from non-profit executive to starting her own spirits business, how the company has responded to COVID-19, her lowest moments since launching the business, what she does to unwind, her favorite cocktail, and more.

Life Of Work With Leslie Stephens

Leslie Stephens is the VP of Content at popular lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, where she manages all blog content. Prior to working at Cupcakes and Cashmere, Leslie served as an Assistant Editor at Food52 in New York City.

Today, we talk to Leslie about her success finding niches where she can stand out, her top tips for aspiring writers, the art of giving and accepting feedback, C&C’s response to BLM, her top sleep tips, and more.

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