Life of Work with Coach Mikel Blount

Mikel Blount is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and the founder/owner of Make You Wanna, an online fitness platform where she leads live and pre-recorded to students around the world.

Mikel is also the lead designer and coach of Sustainable Strength – our brand new, 8-week, energizing at-home strength training program designed to build functional strength for life. Enrollment for Sustainable Strength is currently open through January 1st.

In this conversation, we talk to Mikel about common misconceptions about strength training (especially among women), the qualities of a good coach, the music she is currently loving, and more.

Enjoy! Comment below if you have any questions for Coach Mikel.

Life Of Work With Freeland Spirits Founder Jill Kuehler

Jill Kuehler is the Founder of Freeland Spirits – a female-founded, owned, and operated craft distillery in Portland, Oregon.

Prior to launching Freeland, Jill ran Zenger Farm for seven years, where 10,000 students learn where good food comes from each year.

Jill was named one of Portland’s 50 most influential people by Portland Monthly Magazine.

Today we talk to Jill about her transition from non-profit executive to starting her own spirits business, how the company has responded to COVID-19, her lowest moments since launching the business, what she does to unwind, her favorite cocktail, and more.

Life Of Work With Leslie Stephens

Leslie Stephens is the VP of Content at popular lifestyle blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, where she manages all blog content. Prior to working at Cupcakes and Cashmere, Leslie served as an Assistant Editor at Food52 in New York City.

Today, we talk to Leslie about her success finding niches where she can stand out, her top tips for aspiring writers, the art of giving and accepting feedback, C&C’s response to BLM, her top sleep tips, and more.

Life of Work with Cameron Whitten

Cameron Whitten is a community activist, small business owner, and nonprofit executive.

At the age of eighteen, Cameron experienced homelessness in Portland. After working their way back into housing with the support of local non-profits, they have spent the past decade as a prominent community advocate and civic entrepreneur.

Cameron recently served as the Executive Director of Q Center, and is the founder of racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope.

They are also the founder of The Black Resilience Fund, an emergency fund dedicated to healing and resilience by providing immediate resources to Black Portlanders.

It’s hard to believe they have any spare time, but when they do, Cameron serves on the Board of Directors of local nonprofits such as REACH CDC, Venture Portland, and Pioneer Courthouse Square, cooks hundreds of meals for the homeless, and just generally shows up to important events and meetings all around Portland on an almost daily basis. Oh, and Cameron also just ran for office for a seat on the Metro Council.

Today we talk to Cameron about race in America, their work and activism, reparations, the book that changed their life, their favorite music, and much more.

Life Of Work With Lisa Sedlar, Founder/CEO Of Green Zebra Grocery

Lisa Sedlar is the Founder and CEO of Green Zebra Grocery, a healthy convenience store business on a mission to increase access to healthy food. Green Zebra has four locations in Portland, Oregon, and plans to spread their healthy convenience store throughout the country. Lisa believes that businesses should be in service to their community and do their part to strengthen their neighborhoods.

Today, we talk to Lisa about what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, how Green Zebra has responded to COVID-19 as an “essential business,” her favorite stand up comedians, and much more.

Life Of Work With Social Entrepreneur And Educator Kali Thorne Ladd

Kali is a social entrepreneur who is a passionate advocate for equity and education transformation with a background that spans from teacher to program manager to policy maker over the last 18 years. After spending four years as Education Director for Former Mayor Sam Adams, Kali pursued establishing and co-founding KairosPDX, a non-profit dedicated to closing opportunity and achievement gaps for historically marginalized children. The Kairos Learning Academy, a culturally responsive K-5 public charter school, started the 2019/20 school serving over 200 children.

We spoke to Kali about the founding of Kairos, her work in social justice, equity and education, and how neuroscience and love have influenced the work Kairos does.

Life Of Work With Teen Leader Midori

Today, we’re sharing an interview with Midori: an 18-year-old graduate of Woodburn High School. Midori chatted with us about life in quarantine, her experience joining Girls Inc in middle school, and the ways she’s grown in confidence and bravery since then.

Life Of Work With Author Tucker Malarkey

Tucker Malarkey is the author of the critically acclaimed and national bestselling novels An Obvious Enchantment and Resurrection. With a career that began at the Washington Post, her love of human culture and wilderness have since taken her all over the world. Tucker grew up fly fishing, studied Sovietology, and has traveled to Russia numerous times.

Her most recent book, Stronghold, is her first major work of non-fiction. The book follows one of the world’s greatest fly fishermen and his crusade to protect the world’s wild salmon against massive geopolitical forces. It is eye-opening, thrilling, and incredibly informative.

We called Tucker up to talk about her writing process, whether salmon will still exist in 100 years, her personal mission, favorite authors, and more.

Life Of Work With Susannah Malarkey, Dominican Sister

Susannah “Sudie” Malarkey is a Dominican Sister who lives in San Rafael, California. She is currently in the midst of her 90th lap around the sun.

We talk to Sudie about her spiritual upbringing, her experience of religious life, her hopes for the Golden State Warriors, and what she hopes COVID-19 can teach the world.

Life Of Work With Renee Gorham, Co-Owner Of Toro Bravo Restaurant Group

Renee Gorham is the co-owner of Toro Bravo Restaurant Group, which consists of restaurants across Portland, Oregon, including Toro Bravo, Mediterranean Exploration Company, Shalom Y’all, Tasty and Alder, Bless your Heart Burgers, and more. Renee owns and operates the business with her husband, Executive Chef John Gorham.

We talk to Renee about Toro Bravo’s unique culture, the tips she’s learned for running a business with her husband, what it takes for restaurants to survive the COVID-19 crisis, and what to cook in quarantine.

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