My Experience Strength Training Before, During and Post Pregnancy

If there is anything I learned from my first pregnancy, it’s that pregnancy is unpredictable. Nothing about your non-pregnant state can give you clues on how your pregnancy will go. Will you be nauseous? What aches and pains will you experience? What about energy – will you be tired all the time? What will your birth and recovery be like?

Every pregnant and postpartum body is so different, not only from other pregnant/postpartum bodies, but from itself as it changes week by week. I’m sharing my own fitness experience before, during, and post pregnancy here as the story of what worked for me this time around.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is not a diet. It’s not something you do for 4-6 weeks. It’s a complete rewriting of your relationship to body and food.

There are three potential outcomes of intuitive eating. You might lose weight. You might stay the same. You might gain weight. You might do any of these things in the short term, then go the opposite way in the long term.

Intuitive eating is not designed for weight loss. It’s designed to leave behind consuming and negative thought patterns, and the disordered eating behaviors that result: binge eating, restricted eating, orthorexia, and more.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

We had a baby this year! Three months in, Wren is fun, cute, curious, and occasionally exasperating. She recently learned how to put her fist in her mouth. (She’s obviously a genius.) Having kids is notoriously expensive, but usually, people just tell you how expensive it is in hyperbole. (“My kids cost me an arm and a leg!”) We’re numbers nerds, and we’re always curious to know specifics. So we thought we’d track and share the details of what it has cost us to have a baby so far…

The reasons I’m bullish on NFTs

At first I (Peter) was skeptical of NFT art. Why would people spend thousands or millions of dollars on a jpeg file? But as I’ve learned more about the space, my skepticism has transformed into bullishness. I think that NFT art is here to stay. Here are a few key reasons why I think this…

How to Be Content

We first learned about "Self-Determination Theory" in Sebastian Junger's excellent book, Tribe. Self-Determination Theory holds that human beings need three basic things in order to be content: 1) We need to feel competent at what we do; 2) We need to feel authentic...

Dots and Lines

We think we’re living life as a line. We go from Point A to Point B. Birth to death, with as many big milestones as possible in the middle: graduations, marriage, promotions, kids, etc.   But if you zoom in on the line, what you’ll see is actually a lot of dots,...

Be a Cougar

Adult male cougars roam widely, and maintain a home range of up to 150 square miles. As these muscular, solitary, and covert animals are prowling their range, 1 out of every 11 American humans is paying monthly rent … for his stuff. Collectively, we dedicate 2.3...

The 8 Best Lines from FDR’s First Inaugural Address

In the early spring of 1933, newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his first inaugural address. The most enduring line from that speech was his proclamation that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” While that line may be the most...

25 Kitchen Tips, Tricks, and Tools That We Love

1) Buy squeeze bottles for your oils and vinegars (we have these). There is a reason this is what they use in commercial kitchens - they are super convenient (no lids to remove on or off) and you have much more precise control when dressing a salad, or oiling or...

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