Fancy Feet Lower Body Workout

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Workouts | 11 comments

The Warm Up (3-4 minutes):
10 tin soldiers
10 dynamic quad stretches
10 forward fold + halfway lift
Repeat one more time through

The Workout (14-20 minutes):
Today’s workout is a lower body home workout, to be done at your own pace. This workout will challenge your strength as well as your balance. In this workout, you’ll move your feet quickly and slowly to improve coordination and agility!

Complete 4 rounds of the below, NFT*:
30 object toe taps
20 squat and pulse to toes
10 superhumans (hold 1-2 full seconds at the top)
20 reverse lunges with hop

Rest as needed between movements and rounds.

*NFT = not for time. An NFT workout means to rest as needed and focus on form.

The Cool Down (2 minutes):
60″ each side supine twist


  1. Caitlin


  2. Lisa A.

    Done! First workout back after being injured for over a month…legs are going to feel it tomorrow…

  3. Nicole Baggerly

    Done! I liked this one 😁

  4. Amy

    Done! Good to get back to it.

  5. Kara


  6. Landry Tientcheu



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