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☀️ TLDR: The Workout Today is now Todayland – a weekly publication dedicated to the vital life. We are making this transition to more accurately reflect the true character of our vision and purpose.

Dear readers,

On January 1st, 2018, we launched The Workout Today with one goal: Send out free emails containing bodyweight workouts that anyone can complete at home in 29 minutes or less, without any equipment.

Since then, we have evolved, and so has this project. At some point, we decided we wanted to include short written thoughts alongside the workouts, so we did. People replied and told us they enjoyed our writing. That gave us the encouragement we needed to write even more.

As our interests expanded, so did the topics we chose to write about. At first, it was just about health and fitness. Now it is wide-ranging, even esoteric at times.

Last year, we sent out a member survey. About 1/3 of you subscribe primarily for the workouts, 1/3 primarily for the writing, and 1/3 for both.

In short: 2 out of every 3 readers are here for more than just workouts. And that includes us! The reason we continue to produce this newsletter week after week is because we have allowed it to evolve to include more than just workouts. This newsletter now represents a compilation of many of our interests and passions.

We no longer feel that The Workout Today name or brand reflects the true character of this little internet garden we are cultivating. Our garden is now much more than just a workout garden. It is a diverse garden with all sorts of nooks, sprouts, and saplings. And we expect it will continually change with the seasons, just as it always has.

If we had to sum up it, we would say that our overarching purpose with this work is to help people create great days. Because great lives are built by great days.

We only get one shot here! We want to feel alive. And we want you to feel alive. This effort starts anew each day. Today, after all, is all we have.

That is why, starting now, we are Todayland: A weekly publication dedicated to the vital life.

Todayland is a community of people who are cultivating:

  • Strong bodies
  • Spacious minds
  • Vital spirits

We are so glad you are with us on this journey, and if you know anyone else who might be interested in exploring Todayland, please encourage them to sign up for this weekly publication at our new website,


Peter & Keeley
Creators of Todayland

p.s. Read on below for some details and housekeeping about this transition

Details and Housekeeping

  • Our core format – a free weekly publication – will remain the same. A new issue of Todayland will be released every Monday morning to all subscribers.
  • We will continue to send bonus workout emails to Today Club Members on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • The Today Club will continue to exist. We will likely be making some updates to The Today Club in the coming months, but for now, Today Club members will continue to enjoy all of the same benefits as before. Our members are the sustaining force behind Todayland. Without them, this project would not exist. You can get instant access to club member perks and help sustain this work by joining The Today Club here.
  • Our website is now
    • If you notice any glitches, typos, missing information, or confusing things on the new website, please do let us know so we can fix it! Thank you, helpful readers.
  • Our email is now
  • In order to teach your email provider that we are a trusted sender, please reply to this email with the word: “safe!” Also, please add to your contacts.
  • Follow us on Instagram: @todaylandhq
  • Follow us on Twitter: @todaylandhq

That’s all for now.

If you are excited about Todayland, and you would like to support this work, please consider becoming an annual or monthly Today Club member. Anyone who signs up this week will get a handwritten note and a brand new Todayland sticker (!)

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