The July TWT 500

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Workouts | 6 comments

The Warm Up (2-4 minutes):
30 side shuffles
30 steps duck walk
30″ runners lunge – each side

The Workout (8-22 minutes):
Time for a TWT fan-favorite workout… the TWT 500! This is a timed conditioning test that we revisit about once per quarter.

The TWT 500
100 bicycles
100 jump lunges or reverse lunges
100 jumping jacks
100 mountain climbers
100 jump squats or basic squats

You may break up the sets however you want. For example – you can do 100 of each, straight through. Or you could two rounds of 50 reps each or four rounds of 25. Your workout, your choice!

  1. Time yourself
  2. Comment below or email us with “Done” and your time!

This is a great workout to do periodically to see how you progress over the year.

The Cool Down (3+ minutes):
60″ supine twist
60″ each side pigeon stretch
If you have a foam roller roll out those quads and hamstrings!


  1. Paola

    2:36 for bicycles (2sets of 50)
    3:20 reverse lunges (“ “)
    Forgot to time jumping jacks (100×1)
    56 sec mt climbers
    3:03 squats (2 sets of 50)

    It’s amazing how much exercise we can do in such a short time!!!

    • Keeley Tillotson

      It is amazing! Great work Paola. I love the TWT 500 for that reason – it burns so good!

  2. Nicole Baggerly

    I broke it up into 2 sets of 50 and got 10 min 29 sec, and did all the lower-impact options.

    Would love to know my last TWT 500 time since I haven’t done one of these in probably over a year 🤪

    • Keeley Tillotson

      Hey Nicole! Nice work. The last time I have for you is 9:55 on 5/20/20! 🙂

  3. Landry Tientcheu

    DONE! 13mn23sec


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