Lunge > Push Up > Pigeon

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Workouts | 2 comments

The Warm Up (4-6 minutes)
10 fixed feet lateral lunges
10 basic squats
10 cat/cows
Repeat one more time through.

The Workout (14-20 minutes)
Today’s workout is a full body and core workout. Move through this one at your own pace, keeping good form and energy up throughout! Rest as needed to make sure each movement is intentional.

Complete 4 rounds of the below, NFT*:
8 lizard crawls
16 glute bridges
8 push ups (modification: knee push ups)
16 jump lunges (modification: reverse lunges)
30″ forearm plank
Rest as needed between movements and rounds.
*NFT = not for time. An NFT workout means to rest as needed and focus on form.

The Cool Down (3+ minutes)
30″ each side dynamic chest and shoulder stretch
60″ each side pigeon stretch

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  1. Lissa Larson

    Loved your lessons on new parenthood!

  2. Nicole Baggerly

    Congratulations mama! Wren is beautiful and enjoyed reading your honest thoughts about motherhood so far 💕

    Done! Did not think I would make it through those jump lunges, love when our bodies prove us wrong 💪


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