Reps for Breakfast

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Workouts | 1 comment

The Warm Up  (2 minutes)
10 dynamic quad stretches
10 knee hugs
10 glute bridges
Repeat one more time through.

The Workout (10+ minutes)
Today, we’re prescribing exercises and a number of reps. You decide on how to get these reps done! Split them into sets or just plow straight through. The goal is to move quickly but smoothly, with good form. Remember to switch exercises if/when your form gets sloppy, and rest as needed.

100 squat and pulse or jump squats
50 plank lateral toe taps
100 jumping jacks
50 single leg glute bridges
100 mountain climbers
50 side shuffles

The Cool Down (2+ Minutes)
60” per side pigeon stretch

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